WSU is advancing Washington industries …
WSU teams with aviation to develop sustainable aviation biofuels …
WSU partners to develop bioproducts that reduce dependence on petroleum imports …
WSU works with state commodity commissions to conduct needed agricultural research …
WSU developed the technology used for wood-plastic composites used for buildings …
WSU researchers work to improve dairy productivity and reduce disease …
WSU research has made Washington one of the world’s most productive wheat-growing regions …

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WSU. The land grant mission in action, improving our everyday lives

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It is the first week of school for WSU Pullman, WSU Vancouver, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Global Campus. In celebration, we launch our first in a series of posts that will extend information about WSU’s land-grant mission and demonstrate how our university is increasing knowledge, providing research and applied science, and making a difference in our everyday lives. We ask you to share these stories with your legislators by logging on and logging in as WSU Impact member. Spread the good word, because WSU is doing amazing things here in the state, country, and world. Go Cougs!

WSU Impact

A new school year started this week for Washington State University and its five campuses. It is satisfying to realize this will be first year since 1986 that tuition has not increased for WSU students. Citizens and opinion leaders worked together with legislators this last legislative session to begin re-establishing the importance of keeping public colleges and universities affordable and accessible. alumni link photo

Over 940 WSU alumni visited WSU Impact’s website, registered, and many voluntarily contacted their three legislators to share personal stories about the value of WSU and public higher education.

Your actions made a difference. Thank you.

With the fall semester underway, we are reminded how important it will be for citizens to keep working with legislators and continue the positive conversations on the value of public higher education. This conversation with your elected officials in Olympia is as vital today as it was last winter.

As recently opined in the Chronicle of Higher Education, a central reason we should make WSU more affordable and accessible is that the public higher education system plays a key role in allowing us to have an effective democracy. This notion has deep roots. In 1818, Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s third president, said that  public universities were necessary

… to develop the reasoning faculties of our youth, enlarge their minds, cultivate their morals, and instill into them the precepts of virtue and order; to enlighten them with mathematical and physical sciences, which advance the arts and administer to the health, the subsistence and comforts of human life; and, generally, to form them to habits of reflection and correct action, rendering them examples of virtue to others and of happiness within themselves.

In 1890, WSU was founded on these very principles. WSU is our state’s land grant institution. The land grant system was established by the Morrill Act in 1861, designed with a focus on agriculture and the mechanical arts. Land grant colleges were deemed the “people’s colleges,” with a charge to bring quality education to the common man. When students first started arriving at the new Pullman campus, the students were not only from the elite families, but also, the sons and daughters of the working and middle classes.WSU Spokane research

Since its start, WSU’s mission has continued to evolve to include a focus on teaching, research and community outreach. The university demands equality of opportunity, a hallmark of the land-grant mission. Even in the face of deep budget cuts over the last five years, WSU innovated and worked creatively to discover new knowledge, provide quality instruction, conduct vital research with global scope, and provide services that assist every county in the state of Washington. WSU is committed to providing a wide range of knowledge disciplines and providing fundamental training for the professions.

Over the next several months, and in the spirit of the land-grant mission, we will be extending information about our great university. We will share the latest on exciting WSU-based research with direct application to our everyday lives: delicious, healthy, and affordable food, efficient energy production, better housing material, cleaner fuels, stronger metals, improved health care and delivery systems for families in every community, and new ways of learning and connecting.

We ask you to share the information with your legislators using the resources and tools we provide just for you. WSU Impact – – your personal resource to share your Cougar pride with your legislators.

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