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My WSU Impact – WSUAA Adopted Cougar and first WSU Impact member

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WSU Impact shares the seventh entry in our series, “My WSU Impact.” We introduce Maureen Frisch, the very first registered member of WSU Impact. We recently thanked Maureen for her loyal support of Washington State University by adopting her as an honorary WSU Alumni Association member. Her commitment in supporting public higher education and WSU legislative priorities this last session is greatly appreciated. Learn more about Maureen and why she is an advocate through the resources and tools provided by WSU Impact, your resource for making a difference.

Maureen Frisch is a renaissance lady. She is a devoted patron of and donor to the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet and a huge supporter and fan of Seahawk football and Storm basketball. She is a philanthropist who has served on the board of the Seattle|King|Snohomish County YWCA, and is currently on the board of the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle. She recently retired as an officer in a privately held company, working as a vice president in both public affairs and human resources, and served for years in the Association of Washington Business, the Washington Roundtable, and many industry associations and affiliated trade groups.

But if that’s not all, Maureen has a new title.

Maureen is a brand new “Adopted Cougar alumni” due to her avid support of Washington State University and her allegiance to Cougar spirit. You can see Maureen cheering for the Cougs when they are in athletic venues, the classroom or lab, and through her volunteer activities, including attending WSUAA events. She is the very first registered member of WSU Impact, signing up in August 2012. She responded many times during the last legislative session and contacted her legislators in support of higher education and WSU in Olympia.

“I am blessed to have many dear friends in my life,” says Maureen. “And, some of them are Cougs who instill in me how important it is to support our state’s land grant university.”

Maureen is “auntie” to many – and she supports all her nieces and nephews in accessing higher education

Maureen is delighted to be an adopted Cougar, a WSU Alumni  Association program that includes a recognition certificate, her own WSUAA pin, and all the benefits and services enjoyed by WSUAA members. She is also a strong believer in supporting funding for our public universities like WSU.

“I worked my way through evening college courses and want the current and next generations to have access to quality public universities that are affordable and attainable for all students,” explains Maureen. “Our state’s colleges and universities are important to our state’s economic  development. As a business leader and philanthropist, I fully appreciate the role WSU plays not only in educating students, but conducting research and providing extension services that benefit our region’s communities.”

It is not surprising that Maureen was the first member of WSU Impact. She has been engaged in public policy for years, both in California and Washington.

“I believe in the power of people’s voices,” says Maureen. “I have been a lobbyist and a citizen advocate and there is one thing I know: legislators care most about hearing from constituents. It is incredibly easy to show my Cougar pride by logging in and logging on to WSU Impact, accessing the resources, and using the tools and suggested messaging to send emails to my three legislators.”

As a newly minted Coug, we asked Maureen how she is going to use this year as an adopted member of WSUAA. “Beyond cheering on the team and participating in more WSU activities, I look forward to the start of the legislative session in January. I want to help build off the great success of the last legislative session and lend my voice again in support of higher education and WSU.”

WSU Impact says a big “Go Cougs” to Maureen and offers a warm welcome to WSUAA. We are delighted, and grateful, to have her has our first registered WSU Impact member and now, celebrate her new role as an adopted Cougar.  Thank you Maureen and welcome to Cougar Nation.

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