WSU is advancing Washington industries …
WSU teams with aviation to develop sustainable aviation biofuels …
WSU partners to develop bioproducts that reduce dependence on petroleum imports …
WSU works with state commodity commissions to conduct needed agricultural research …
WSU developed the technology used for wood-plastic composites used for buildings …
WSU researchers work to improve dairy productivity and reduce disease …
WSU research has made Washington one of the world’s most productive wheat-growing regions …

"Take Five" for WSU and higher education, In the News

“Take Five” for WSU and higher education: step-by-step guide to WSU Impact


Welcome to the fourth entry in our “Take Five” Initiative. We provide weekly tips, suggestions, examples, and the tools so you can take five minutes and be an effective advocate for higher education and WSU. This week we offer a step-by-step pictorial guide on how to access your personal home page to contact your legislators with just one click on your smart phone, pad, laptop, or computer. We encourage our members to share how your WSU education has made a difference (click here and here for examples) or share information from the good news stories in our series called “WSU: land grant mission in action, improving everyday lives” (click here for example messages).

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Here is a pictorial, step-by-step guide on how to use your WSU Impact resources to access your legislators. First, log on to  On the right hand side of the home page, there are two buttons (see below). Click either “register here” if new to our site, or “members enter here” if already a member.

Once you click either button, you are directed to the advocacy page of our site. You need to log in so you can access information and use our tools to send your message to your legislators. If not a registered member, you will be asked to fill in the information that provides the software the information to “connect you” to your legislators. Please see graphic below: important to enter in both your email and your password.


Below is an example of how your personal page will look once you register and have entered in your email address and password:

home page with photos

To take action, click on “Read More” under “Current Issues.” After you have read more about the issue and you are ready to take action, click the “take action” button and up will pop up the “Write Your Legislator” page:

how to front page 3

Once you have clicked “email” and you have made the “subject line” your own or you’re comfortable with what we have provided AND you have completed edits to the message or you’re comfortable with what we have provided, all you need to do is click the blue “Go!” button. The message arrives in all three of your legislators’ inboxes, properly addressed and signed for you. Easy, no fuss, and incredibly effective.

Please take action today and help spread the good word about you – one of the best assets of WSU — or share information about the good work WSU is doing everyday.

Go Cougs!

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