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WSUV – “leaving the light on” with new hospitality program. Land grant mission in action, improving everyday lives

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Welcome to our third in a series of posts that will extend information about WSU’s land grant mission and demonstrate how our university is increasing knowledge, providing research, and making a difference in our everyday lives. This week, we are featuring the academic programs of WSU Vancouver; we finish the week highlighting one of the newest programs on campus. We ask you to “Take Five” minutes and share these stories with your legislators by logging on and logging in as WSU Impact member. We offer samples and tips to spread the good word, because WSU is doing amazing things here in the state, country, and world. Go Cougs!

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WSU. Land grant mission in action, improving everyday lives
WSU Vancouver MAP program

Restaurants that provide a well-prepared meal, accompanied by gracious service allows a family to enjoy a special treat, creating shared memories. Frequent travelers appreciate a lodging establishment that takes special care of overnight guests, providing both a home environment and an office while on the road. On vacations with multiple hospitality experiences, skilled management of hotels, motels, restaurants, and diners can make the trip more relaxing and restful. And, a well-managed stadium adds luster to any event.

WSU School of Hospitality Business Management – a stellar reputation
Washington State University has long played a role in teaching and training leaders in the hospitality field,  a contribution that touches most of our lives on a regular basis and strengthens an industry that is growing in our state and nation.chef jamie with student

Starting in 1932 on the WSU Pullman campus, it is the third oldest program of its kind in the country. Located in the highly regarded WSU College of Business, the School of Hospitality Business Management offers expert instruction in the fields of hospitality and wine business management. The school is consistently rated in the top 5 percent of 170 similar programs in the nation.

Now, WSU Vancouver will also offer a Bachelor of Arts in hospitality business management.

For WSU Vancouver students, this is a good thing. The hospitality industry is recovering from the Great Recession and opportunities for employment are quickly expanding in Southwest Washington. Local leaders in the area urged the campus to launch the program. WSU’s Regents and College of Business agreed. Students have been requesting the degree encouraged in part by local tourism, which is growing at a faster rate than the national average. And, the generous philanthropic support of the Tod and Maxine McClaskey Foundation was the last piece of puzzle that made the program a reality for WSU Vancouver.

WSU Vancouver graduates will qualify for jobs in top restaurants, hotel departments, convention centers, sports facilities, entertainment services, senior living centers and vacation centers. Other potential jobs include purchasing, publicity, hiring and training employees, organizing catering and forecasting facility profits not to mention the potential for graduates to start their own hospitality businesses.

Linking to a story we shared about the MAP program, the WSU Vancouver hospitality business management program’s emphasis on community engagement is a perfect fit with WSU’s land grant mission. The new program will join others that focus on small business consulting, accounting, and professional sales – all committed to bringing the classroom to the community and the community to the classroom. WSU Vancouver works collaboratively with the community to create the kind of programs that benefit students while supporting the local economy.

In a Nutshell
Pleasant jobs call for pleasant people and it can be said that the hospitality industry needs friendly, competent professionals more than most. The hospitality industry is growing exponentially. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 12.4 million people work in the hospitality industry today, making about 8.6 percent of all employment in the country. Washington State tourism, with its many attractions, brought in more than $1 billion in local/state tax revenue in 2012, supported 153,300 jobs, and provided $4.7 billion in earnings.

WSU has a long and proud tradition of providing quality education and training in the hospitality fields, designed to prepare managers and leaders for the future. WSU Vancouver works with current hospitality leaders to craft the program so its graduates are well prepared to offer — from the outset — the latest knowledge and techniques to employers. WSU is committed to growing the program’s footprint to be system-wide, benefitting all areas of the state of Washington.

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