WSU is advancing Washington industries …
WSU teams with aviation to develop sustainable aviation biofuels …
WSU partners to develop bioproducts that reduce dependence on petroleum imports …
WSU works with state commodity commissions to conduct needed agricultural research …
WSU developed the technology used for wood-plastic composites used for buildings …
WSU researchers work to improve dairy productivity and reduce disease …
WSU research has made Washington one of the world’s most productive wheat-growing regions …

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Get your Coug on … share some Cougar pride with your lawmakers

Last year, WSU Impact took great delight in reading the Seattle Times and seeing remarkable WSU ads and stories of impact by our beloved university.

As you consider sharing reasons why the legislature should increase investment in WSU and Washington’s public college and university system this upcoming legislative session, we provide some great stories to share with your three lawmakers.

WSU's Susmita Bose

WSU’s Susmita Bose

If you care about healthcare and the impacts of WSU research in improving quality of life, here is a great article about new material WSU researcher Susmita Bose is working on that will replace bones for those with aging hips, knees and other joint ailments.

Do you have trouble with sleep? Are you worried about the lack of sleep and how it impacts your life? Are you concerned about the sleep needs of others like truck drivers and airline pilots who need to be alert and aware while on the road or in the air? If yes, you will be relieved to learn about the research WSU is working on through its renowned sleep lab.

WSU research is also fighting cancer by developing a unique, tiny protein cage to deliver chemotherapy chemicals directly to cancer cells. Direct delivery could improve treatment and lessen the potentially horrendous side effects of anti-cancer drugs.

An artistic rendition of WSU's discovery of a cancer fighting protein cage

An artistic rendition of WSU’s discovery of a cancer fighting protein cage

The life sciences scholarly activities being conducted at WSU is another benefit of the multidisciplinary research strengths WSU brings to our state. With the new Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine increasing medical education access for Washington students, the legislature will enjoy hearing from advocates like you on the value of academic research that improves human health. To learn more about the WSU’s request for funding of the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, click here.

The need for STEM graduates who can fill needed jobs in the state of Washington is one of the areas of focus for the Washington Competes initiative. WSU is working with others to advance the initiative so that the legislature funds higher education so more students will be served and the Washington economy will be strengthened.

WSU engineering students working together in experiential learning activity

WSU engineering students working together in experiential learning activity

WSU has been educating and training quality engineers for decades. Learn how WSU is actively addressing the increasing demand for STEM graduates. Over the last five years, the number of undergraduate students in STEM majors at WSU increased by almost 30 percent. WSU’s Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture was recently selected by the National Center for Engineering’s Pathways to Innovation as one of 25 schools and universities nationwide to take part in a program designed to build a national entrepreneurship network for engineering.

One of the priorities for WSU this upcoming session is funding of WSU’s Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab. Learn about the vitally important work this lab does for public health and why the funding for the lab is so important. The video below is another great resource and provides additional information about the important role the lab plays in keeping our state safe from zoonotic diseases, those dangerous and often deadly diseases which pass from animals to humans.

It is easy for you to support the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, the Washington Competes initiative, and the needed updates to the Washington Animal Disease Lab. Simply register for WSU Impact if you are not a member. If you are already registered, log in to your personal home page.

We make it easy, WSU provides the inspiration, and you make the difference by informing your state Senator and two Representatives about your interests and concerns.  Go ahead – take action today!




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