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Summer Session is a Smart Investment

WSU summer session information

There’s a special kind of buzzing quiet that falls over WSU’s campuses in the summertime. After Spring commencement in May, many of WSU students head back to their hometowns, leaving the walkways a little less crowded. But those who stick around for summer session know—it’s actually kind of perfect.

Summer school may sound like the ultimate punishment—in elementary schools across the country, it’s used more as a threat—but the Washington State University students to who choose summer session can attest to the fact that taking classes between May and August can be a great way to accelerate graduation, catch up on harder classes, and most of all, save money.

summer session WSU

Why Summer Session at WSU

Unlike the regular academic year, with its cramped schedules and hectic campus life, summer session is a laid-back atmosphere where more students only take one or two classes at a time. That leaves plenty of time for activities, volunteering and even travel.

“They always say, ‘I loved being here during the summer,’” says one professor in a video for WSU’s summer session. “With an hour, an hour-and-a-half per day commitment, you’re going to have some free time.”

Students can work summer jobs on or around campus, get out and enjoy the sun and the nightlife, and even catch up on their reading—all while helping them graduate more quickly or get special attention on classes that may be more challenging.

Summer session courses tend to be much smaller, making tutoring and other assistance are more readily available. Professors can spend more time with students, ensuring that they’re learning what they need to know.

Thinking Long-Term

And of course, there’s also the cost.

For the 13% of students who attend a WSU campus from out of state, the price tag on summer session can’t be beat: all students receive in-state tuition during the summer. Tuition rates for summer classes haven’t increased in six years—and at under $500 per credit, summer session is often so inexpensive that students can pay for them without the assistance of financial aid.

Even taking one or two summer classes each year can add up to a full quarter or more of an undergrad program—and that’s a long-term cost-savings for students on a budget.

Summer session is also an easier time to hold down a job around a school schedule. Whether you’re living in Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, Pullman, or one of our other campuses, summer sessions offer the kind of flexible schedule that make picking up extra shifts to make a little cash.

wsu summer session

Those considering an advanced degree should also consider summer session; graduate-level courses during the warm months offer the same perks, as well as hands-on learning opportunities. A WSU summer education puts our students well ahead of the curve.

Spending your summer in class may not sound riveting, but with a light course load, the gorgeous weather, and access to recreational activities, reduced class sizes, and real teacher-student engagement, summer session just makes sense.

Find out more about your options—there’s still plenty of time to enroll in the late semester!—at WSU’s summer session page.

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