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Career Connected Learning Summit Puts WSU’s Mission into Practice

wsu career connected learning

WSU Impact is unabashed on two fronts: We love to share the value of Washington State University, and we we love how higher education expands knowledge, supports the economy, and encourages the dreams of individuals who seek good paying jobs and economic security.

That’s why we love what occurred on May 31st.  Elected officials and advocates for higher education gathered in Redmond for the Governor’s Summit on Career Connected Learning. At that same time, because of WSU Extension, more than 25 satellite gatherings were also held across the state.

The event was jointly hosted by WA Workforce Board, the Governor’s Office, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington STEM, and WSU Extension. It brought together 400 representatives at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Thanks to WSU’s commitment to distance learning and technology capabilities, an additional 900 attendees from all over the state gathered at WSU Extension offices.

Participants included members of the business and industry communities, educators, and community leaders across Western and Eastern Washington.

The attendees, including Governor Jay Inslee, worked together to share next steps in expanding knowledge of the kind of jobs and career resources that are available, best practices to connect students to job availability, and policy ideas to increase and strengthen career-related opportunities in high demand jobs for Washington’s youth. Discussions also focused on helping more students gain access to a wide range of career-connected learning opportunities, including apprenticeships, job shadows, mentorships, classroom visits from industry leaders, and more.

“Washington businesses consistently report difficulty in finding hires with work-ready skills to fill key positions,” according to the Governor’s Office, who predict that “there will be 740,000 job openings over the next five years in Washington alone.”

For that reason, career-connected learning— which has been “proven to help young people complete their education goals and find meaningful pathways to employment”—has become a key focus. WSU Extension was there to support, offer services, and collaborate with the other hosts to connect students to available jobs that lead to meaningful careers.

WSU Connects Students with Careers

WSU’s role in providing a space and the technology to engage on the important workforce goals of the summit is just one aspect of the institution’s commitment to supporting students and their career aspirations—as well as supporting key industries in our state.

WSU prides itself on providing its graduates with career-ready degrees in some of the most valued and in-demand skill-sets. With programs offer that hands-on learning and training that happens right in the community, a WSU education ensures students are ready to hit the ground running as soon as they toss their mortarboard in the air.

wsu farming programs

This is a deeply-held component of WSU’s mission as a land grant university. When students engage in innovative research and community-based learning, they are not only creating their own path to success, they are also an integral part of the communities where they live and work.

WSU is committed to linking multiple communities across our state to have access to important events that support education and workforce development. Our students help growers develop new techniques. Our graduates discover medical breakthroughs that can save lives, treat diseases, create new ways to administer health care, reduce pests that can harm local crops, and so much more.

In short, the academic expertise that WSU students acquire while in school is put into practice every day—resulting in applied benefits for all Washingtonians. We are immensely proud that WSU also provides educational services – like the summit in May – to support students and employers, regardless of where they are receiving their education or where their business is located. 

As a public university, investments in WSU made by the Washington State Legislature support talent development, workforce readiness, innovation and discovery, and serves communities across this state. 

But Washington State University can’t do it alone; to ensure the continued investments of the WaLeg, alumni like you must emphasize their support for this kind of career connected learning. Make a statement. Pledge your support. Join WSU Impact today

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