WSU is advancing Washington industries …
WSU teams with aviation to develop sustainable aviation biofuels …
WSU partners to develop bioproducts that reduce dependence on petroleum imports …
WSU works with state commodity commissions to conduct needed agricultural research …
WSU developed the technology used for wood-plastic composites used for buildings …
WSU researchers work to improve dairy productivity and reduce disease …
WSU research has made Washington one of the world’s most productive wheat-growing regions …

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What Does Being a Coug Mean to You?


At WSU Impact, we’re unabashed boosters for the value of Washington State University. Between the university’s, groundbreaking research, the career-ready degrees on campuses located across the state and online, top-tier athletics program (go Cougs!), and the way that WSU students benefit and enrich our communities every day, what’s not to love?

But you don’t have to take our word for it—because plenty of Cougs are willing to share their own stories about what their education at WSU meant to them.

We went out in the middle of nowhere for four years, only to learn that it’s really the center of the universe. Because the taste of victory means nothing if you haven’t felt the sting of defeat. Because it is impossible to leave Pullman after four years and still take yourself too seriously. And, because win or lose, Cougs always have each other, and sooner or later, we know we’ll get that little engine to the top of that hill. To be a Coug is to believe.

Eric Johnson, KOMO News anchor; Class of 1983

The education worked out well for me. I learned about one specific thing in a 400-level class that directly lead to me getting my first job. I also met my wife there, so both my professional and private lives as they exist now are because I went to WSU. What more can you ask for in a college education? Go Cougs!

—Justin Lewis; Marketing for Sinclair Digital Media, Class of 2004

wsu proud to be a coug

She [Ida Lou Anderson] took a raw kid and gave him goals in life. . . . She taught me to love good books, good music, gave me the only sense of values I have. . . . She knows me better than any person in the world. The part of me that is decent, wants to do something, be something, is the part she created. I owe the ability to live to her.

—Edward R. Murrow, speaking of speechwriting professor Ida Lou Anderson; Class of 1930

WSU gave me real skills to use in the real world. My profs never worried about academia vs the professional world; instead they were committed to academia preparing me for the professional world and that is priceless.

—Morgan Irwin; Police officer and State Representative 31st LD, Class of 2006

I can’t define it, I can’t tell someone who isn’t a Cougar what it’s like. There’s something that happens at Washington State; you quietly and subtly become infected…Washington State is a passion. Being a Cougar is a passion.

—Jim Walden, Head Coach of WSU Football; 1978-1986

Washington State University relies on donors, alumni, and the as a public university, the state of Washington to continue offering these incredible experiences to future Cougs and to the communities where WSU grads work, live, and give back. To preserve this legacy of stewardship, engagement, and innovation, WSU needs a community of passionate supporters to speak up and pitch in.

If you’d like to help us spread the word—and make sure our lawmakers are listening—join WSU Impact today. Together, this organization works to advocate on behalf of higher ed by talking to lawmakers and taking meaningful action. We can’t do it without you. The best way to show you’re proud to be a WSU alumni? Stand up for future Cougs by joining us

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