WSU is advancing Washington industries …
WSU teams with aviation to develop sustainable aviation biofuels …
WSU partners to develop bioproducts that reduce dependence on petroleum imports …
WSU works with state commodity commissions to conduct needed agricultural research …
WSU developed the technology used for wood-plastic composites used for buildings …
WSU researchers work to improve dairy productivity and reduce disease …
WSU research has made Washington one of the world’s most productive wheat-growing regions …

The state of higher education in Washington State

Return on investment: college pays dividends


The New York Times ran a particularly compelling story about the most comprehensive study of college graduates yet conducted, based on millions of anonymous tax filings and financial aid records. The study tracked students from nearly every college in the country (including those who attended, but did not graduate), measuring their earnings years after they […]

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Support Washington Competes – the path forward


For the first time in recent memory, the entirety of the higher education community has come together to advance an initiative that will build on recent investment by the Washington legislature. The initiative is aimed at serving more students and strengthening the state’s competitive advantage by increasing investment in Washington’s college and university systems. WSU […]

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Legislature adjourns banner session for Washington State University


Last Friday, July 10th, the State Legislature adjourned sine die, closing out a legislative session for the history books at Washington State University after reaching final agreement on operating and capital budgets for the next two years. Read more from the WSU Government Relations Newsbeat blog: Washington State Government Relations – Newsbeat The State Legislature […]

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House budgets fund Spokane, Everett initiatives


Friday, March 27th marked another important milestone as the Washington State Legislature continues in the 2015-17 biennial budget-making session. The state House of Representatives released its proposed budget on Friday, including accreditation funding for the new WSU medical school. It also funds the expansion efforts at the Everett University Center and includes funding for the […]

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What’s the value of your higher education – data will surprise you, and we want to know your story


We enjoy sharing compelling data that demonstrate how higher education is faring in our state. We also like to share compelling information we hope encourages public policy makers to continue reinvestment in higher education in our state. Some of our best posts have been accompanied by story telling activity on our social media sites, including […]

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The State of Higher Education in Washington State: the latest facts, figures on the value of a college degree


Last year, WSU Impact introduced a series that explored the state of higher education in Washington State. We continue our series by highlighting current national and state trends concerning state funding for public higher education. We also provide new data on the importance of a college education in light of today’s economic realities and the needs for society. For our […]

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Continuity, Commencements, and Civic Engagement

May and June are the months of graduation and speeches that often mark the ceremony. Sometimes, commencement speeches are met with a fair amount of derision — what can be inspirational to some, can be viewed as negative or boring to others. WSU Impact remembers well the excitement of the day; youthful attention was elsewhere […]

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The State of Higher Education in Washington State – WSU efficiencies and streamlining

Washington State University (WSU) has been working to bring efficiencies and operational reforms to meet growing competitive demands during tough economic times. Since the start of the “Great Recession” in late 2007, WSU has taken several steps to streamline operations and restructure the university while maintaining a quality educational experience, providing research, and delivering services as […]

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The State of Higher Education in Washington State – budget reduction impacts

The United States was, for many years, the best-educated country on earth. Now, it is close to tipping backward as other nations press ahead to take advantage of opportunities in the new, knowledge-driven global economy. Washington State has made dramatic cuts to higher education over the last four years. Gratefully, no futher cuts were made during […]

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Support and Advocate for WSU? You bet … take a look

Washington State University is Washington’s state university. Through its four campuses, four research centers and WSU extension, WSU is physically present in every county, delivering education, research and core services that benefit Washingtonians in their communities everyday.  Below are some compelling facts and figures concerning performance and innovation at WSU.  Such steady performance, improvements, and […]

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